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  1. Flights of Geese
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Flights of Geese

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This is a new song from my forthcoming CD. One of the things that inspired me to go to Alaska and Canada was watching the geese arrive every winter in Norfolk, and wondering about the journey they had just made.


How many days ‘til they go?
Only they can know

But I feel them coming in the air
Like a necklace of pearls in the night

I hear them call over distant seas
Making their way back home, to me

Flight of the geese isn’t so far away
‘Cause that north wind always gets its way

Fills me with wonder every time
They come back in line, in the sky

But where is home to the wandering geese?
A piece of land on a short term lease

There’s a lesson in there, for us somewhere
Making our way back home, back home

And what will be, will be
And what we’ll see, we’ll see

For all we know, the place we go
May be no more than flights of geese

For all we know the path we go
May be no more than flights of geese