Paul Thompson Recording Studio


Paul Thompson is a music producer and recording engineer based in Gresham, Norfolk. Offering studio recording, mixing, mastering, and mobile music recording.


Paul's cabin recording studio contains a selection of professional analogue and digital equipment, microphones and recording software, and is ideally suited to singer-songwriters and acoustic acts. Located in the grounds of a beautiful walled garden, it is a perfect getaway for creative inspiration. For larger bands, choirs and orchestras, Paul also offers a mobile music recording service.


Having gained a Master's Degree in Songwriting from Bath Spa University, Paul can help get your songs ready for recording, and offers tuition in songwriting and music production. Recording can be a daunting process, but Paul's knowledge of recording and production from the perspective of a working musician in his own right will put you at your ease, and help you get the most out of your songs.


Paul has recorded five commercially released albums of his own music, as well as many recordings for bands, choirs, and orchestras in the East Anglia region, including the Norwich Philharmonic Orchestra for a BBC Voices production. To listen to some examples of Paul's recording and production work, check out his music page.


For all recording enquiries please get in touch via the contact page.



Studio recording: £30 per hour

Mixing and mastering: £30 per hour

Mobile recording: £45 per hour, plus travel @50p per mile


Equipment List


2 x UAD Apollo 8 Thunderbolt Interfaces


Adam A7X Monitors

Avantone Mixcube

Outboard Equipment

Neve Orbit Summing Mixer

Wes Audio Ng Master Bus Compressor

UAD 4-710d Tube Preamp

Warm Audio WA-273 EQ Preamp (Neve 1073-style)

Warm Audio EQP-WA Tube EQ - Stereo-Pair (Pultec-style)

Warm Audio WA-LA Compressor (UAD LA-2A-style)


Sontronics Aria

Austrian Audio OC-818 Studio Set

SE Z5-600a

Warm Audio WA-84 (stereo pair)

Lewitt LCT-240 (stereo pair)

Shure SM57 / 58s


Cubase Pro 12

UAD (Ultimate Collection)

Soundtoys Collection

Ozone Advanced Mastering Suite

Izotope RX Restoration Suite


Sonarworks Reference 4

Musical Instruments & Equipment

Martin Acoustic Guitar

Harley-Benton 12-String Guitar

Fender Player Electric Guitar

UA-FX Pedals (Dream '65 / Starlight / Golden)

Line-6 HX-FX Pedal 

Roland Keyboards