Floating to the Fringe

Following some of the most beautiful B-Roads in Britain, Paul Thompson gigs his way to the Edinburgh Fringe in his trusty milk float stage Bluebell. Overcoming breakdowns and exhaustion, he discovers the kindness of strangers in the most unlikely places, and realises just how special the British Isles are. Buy on Amazon here.


Lone Star 

A book of fictional short-stories, based on the songs from Paul Thompson's latest album 'Lone Star'. The stories of Lone Star take place in parallel worlds, between a dystopian past and utopian future, all connected through the image of the lone star guiding the way.

Free Ebook

A travelogue of the journey that inspired Paul's album Lost in the Land of Midnight Sun. Hitch-hiking around Alaska and Canada with just his guitar and a suitcase ful of music equipment, Paul plays gigs in some wild and wonderful places,describing the landscape and characters he meets alog the way. Get you free copy by signing up to Paul's newsletter here.