From the recording Lone Star

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The day stirs softly
Morning mist down in the valley
I’ve got a feeling
It’s going to turn out fine

I love this time of year
Summer’s embers burning softly
Autumn’s breath
Whispers again

Watch the colours turn
Coat of autumn leaves
And I think of you
Will you come again?

Though we fall we are one
Tapestry of time
Fire and rain, earth and sky
We return again

From where we came

The night shines brightly
Milky way over the valley
Harvest moon
Rising high

I stand so small now
Gazing up in awe and wonder
I’ve got a feeling
It’s going to work out fine

Watch the heavens turn
Gold with shooting stars
Close your eyes and wish
They will come again

Watch them fall through the sky
Miracles of time
Ancient past here at last
Takes us back again

From where we came
From where we came

©2022 Lyrics & Music by Paul Thompson