From the recording One Again

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Eyes Across the Room
©2019 Lyrics & Music by Paul Thompson

I dreamt I was a butterfly
Cocooned in a winter room
You, a silken dancer
Blown in on a cold ocean wind

Are you from this world or the next?
Eye so wide, so intense
No one ever looked at me so deeply
No one ever drew me in so far

Silken threads stretching,
Winding, catching, shifting time
I am your prey

I hear the ocean calling
The ancestors rising from the deep
I can feel them watching
Standing in the corners of my sleep

They say, you will never be free
Never learn to love
Never touch the dancer
Find the deepest answers

Until you meet your own eyes
Dancing in the moonlight
Watching love so softly
Embers of your old life

Twinkle of your childhood
God was something you could
Mirror in the long night
Takes you on a spirit flight

Reaching for the butterfly
A love that only comes by
When your eyes are wide open
Your heart has been broken

When you fall to the floor
There is no more
Stare into the darkness
Legs so weak and powerless

I don’t know if it’s life or if it’s death
Don’t know if it’s love or something else

In the cold winter light of the morning
Voices of the ancestors stop calling
Heartbeats turning into wings
Spread them wide go with the wind

A call that came deep within
A mirror that I looked in
In that deep lost at sea
Drowning for eternity

I saw my own
Eyes across the room
Eyes across the room

Eyes across the room
Eyes across the room
Eyes, eyes, eyes