Bluebells in the Wood

I wrote my song ‘Dancing Ring’ for my first CD ‘Travelling Back’, when I was living next to a bluebell wood in North-Norfolk. It was a gorgeous early summer’s day, and I took my guitar into the wood and sat down next to a patch of bluebells with golden shafts of light pouring through the trees, and the song seemed to almost write itself, a celebration of the beauty surrounding me. 


I could never have guessed that almost ten years later I’d drive a milk float called ‘Bluebell’ from Norfolk to the Edinburgh Fringe and back, and gain a Guinness World Record into the bargain! It was a fantastic moment when the certificate arrived in the post a couple of weeks ago announcing that Bluebell and I were ‘Officially Amazing’ and were the proud holders of the world record for ‘The Longest Journey by an Electric Milk Float.' 


A charity in London had been asking about buying Bluebell, but getting the world record made me realise that we weren’t ready to part company quite yet, and that we had more adventures still to come. To celebrate our continuing collaboration I drove Bluebell early one morning to Blickling Woods, near Aylsham in Norfolk, and filmed a video for ‘Dancing Ring’.

It took me two trips into the woods to get all my instruments and recording gear in place, and I soon attracted a lot of interest from a group of walkers who were wondering why an accordion on a chair with a yellow bucket with ‘Donations’ written on were sitting on their own in the middle of a patch of bluebells! 


It was to be a day of fortuitous meetings, and I soon got chatting to another interested walker, Dennis Hales, who as well as being a professional wood-turner is also a fantastic photographer with a great eye for detail. Dennis asked if I’d mind if he took some photos while I was making the video for ‘Dancing Ring’, and his photos have really captured the magic of the bluebells in full bloom. I hope you enjoy the photos and the video! 

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